Mustang windsor 550hp turbo kit

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  • Posted: September 12, 2016 8:54 am
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This pic is my car with the kit fitted, running blow through injection. I use what i sell. You wont be disappointed when this is up and running on your car !!!
In the last few days i have fitted one of these to my 92 Falcon LTD 5.0. Easy fit just needs cross over pipe modified to get around different K frame and sump setup.
What you get:
(2) 87-93 mustang t4 thickwall stainless manifolds.
(1) T04E turbo charger.
(1) Oil line kit.
(1) 38mm wategate, just bolt in.
(1) 3 inch exhaust down pipe.
(All) Gaskets.
(1) Oil filter
(1) Mushroom air filter
(1) FMU or 1:1 Rising rate fuel pressure regulator.
(1) Set of 8 splitfire plugs.
(1) Distributor cap, Rotor, Plug leads

This might look expensive, but when you do the maths it looks good. You can spend 2k on alloy heads etc and get 40hp and then 1.5k on a trickflow intake and get another 45hp. Thats over $40 per horse power. For the same money you get 350hp from this bolt on power adder at less than $10 per horse power. If you want more you just bolt on a bigger turbo. You cant bolt on bigger alloy heads or get a better intake than the trickflow.

Will fit ford v8 windsor small block 5.0 221 255 260 289 302 351

Country New Zealand
State/Province Wellington
distance: 11,506 Miles
Address Taita, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

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